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Willie McCool, 1961-2003

Most Inspirational Friends

The member of Friends designated Most Inspirational by our President, awarded each March. Also known as the Willie McCool Award, in memory of its first awardee, who was lost in the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster before he could receive the award.

2003  Willie McCool (NASA Space Shuttle Columbia pilot, hiker) 
2004  Jim Whittaker (mountaineer, author)   
2005  David Morris (ONP retired Superintendent, Peace Corps volunteer)
2006  Ray Lovely (ONP Volunteer Coordinator)
2007  Barb Maynes (ONP Information Officer)
2008  Dr. Paul Gleeson (archeologist, ONP Chief of Cultural Resources)
2009  Ross Hamilton (noted local photographer)
2010  Backcountry Horsemen of Washington (volunteer trail maintenance)
2011  Neil & Lisa Turnberg (plant nursery volunteers)
2012  Mayor Cherie Kidd (Hurricane Ridge winter access)
2013  Larry Stetson (late president & board member, FONP)

2014  Beth Rossow (volunteer Bogachiel backcountry ranger)
2015  Dave Skinner (Park trails volunteer)
2016  Dr. Sam Baker (Park volunteer, medical & trails)

2017  Mike and Sue Raney (for founding Olympic Conservation Corps trail crews)

2018  Becca Wanagel (WTA volunteer crew leader)

2019  Jeff Monroe (for moving Enchanted Valley Chalet)

2021  Dale Julander (Newsletter Editor)

2022 Ray Weinmann & Ray Weigel- Presidential Awards Volunteerism

2023 Dave and Kathy Anderson (community and FONP volunteerism)

Most Inspirational Park Employee

Member of the Park staff deemed "Most Inspirational" for work done in their Park roles by coworkers/supervisors.

2009  Sue McGill - Deputy Superintendent

2010  Janis Burger - Hurricane Ridge Interpretive Ranger & Naturalist

2011  Don "Duck" Houk - Backcountry Carpenter

2012  Dave Colthorp - Maintenance Supervisor

2013  Clare Donato - Packer
2014  Larry Nickey - Fire/Emergency Manager
2015  Gay Hunter - Archivist
2016  Heather Stephens - Volunteer Coordinator

2017  Larry Lack - Trails Supervisor

2018  Boone Jones, head packer and Greg Marsh, interpretative ranger

2019 Dean Butterworth - Outreach & Education Specialist

2021 Dave Allen - Botanist, Manager Matt Albright Nursery

2022 Patti Happe - Chief Wildlife Biologist

2023 Amber Nixon, Kelsy Weaver, Jessica Shiepko-Administrative Assistants to Park Leadership

2024 Jared Low, Supervisory Interpretive Park Ranger

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